Safe Rooms – Preparing a Home Safe Room

Safe rooms (or also known as panic rooms) may be installed in your home to keep you free off intruders. All you need to do is to choose which room in the house you want converted and then go about consulting with builders to figure out how much a home safe room will cost you.

Safe rooms, as professionals call them, have been in existence throughout history. It was only when the movie Panic Room came out that the concept of safe rooms became very popular. In the United States, safe rooms have been built ever since the first colonials arrived in the New World.

Before, safe rooms were built by those who could afford it. In old Europe, the mansions and palaces of the gentry often had rooms with built in features that made it impervious to common thieves and intruders. Only recently did the cost of safe rooms decline which makes it affordable to people living in suburbia. Still, a safe room isn’t cheap. Installing a safe room will cost slightly higher than ordinary room renovations.

The safe room has fortified ceilings and walls that are difficult to bypass. It is ideal to use steel to reinforce the walls of the safe room. The cost of steel can be quite prohibitive though, so bricks and cement are often used as replacement materials. Installing wall reinforcements will add to the weight that the floor or foundation has to bear. The builders must do a thorough inspection of the floors and foundation around the walls of the room to make sure that the house doesn’t collapse. If any adjustments need to be made, they will find them during the inspection. The ceiling itself has to use other materials like tin or very strong wood. Using brick or cement for a ceiling is highly possible but it would require massive reinforcements for the walls and posts just to hold the ceiling up.

The safe room door should be able to withstand almost any effort to break it down short of using a tank. The doors are usually made of double-core metal with a heavy deadbolt installed. The door, together with the reinforced walls, makes the panic room safe from almost anything. All that is needed now are the amenities, as these rooms must be livable. If the time comes that its needed, it should be ready for occupancy for a number of days. Water, a sink, a toilet, some food and furniture will serve this purpose well.

A fortified room must have a communication device installed. This will make it easier to call emergency services if you are forced to stay in it. A video feed to a monitor or two inside the room will also allow you to see outside the room. This will be of great help to you if you are under siege because you can monitor the movements of the perpetrators and inform the police.

In tornado prone areas, these panic rooms would be the ideal place to hide in because of their reinforced nature. Fire will not spread or get through the reinforced walls and ceilings which makes these rooms an ideal place to go to when a fire breaks out.

Although you may not want to think about it, people you know and invite into your house may be the ones to commit criminal acts. Having a home safe room to run to which will keep the offenders out is a very huge gift for your peace of mind. If this should happen to you, the cost of having one of these safe rooms in place might be cheaper than any cost you are willing to pay.

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