Our Home Garden With Solar Lighting

Our home garden, something that we have created, is not only the best place for outdoor entertaining but a calming spot to escape all the pressures of the day. By using solar lights, that get their energy from the sun during the day, we can enjoy a tranquil evening in our home garden. A home garden can refer to many things such as a flower garden, deck, patio, pool area, outdoor living room, or even an outdoor kitchen.

Solar lighting is totally different than low voltage lighting. Low voltage lighting requires wiring or cabling, a transformer, and an outdoor electrical outlet. You will not need an expert to install these lights; we just follow the instructions that come with them. You also do not need a professional to tell you where to place solar lights, that decision is up to you and your family. If you do not like the first place you put the lights you can move them around to any special area you want without having to worry about wires and being too far away from an outlet. If you happen to drive by a new home development at night you just might see solar lights lighting up a pathway or spotlighting a large tree.

Solar lights, of course, need to have sunlight to receive a charge. If the solar panel on the unit is very small it may need to be in full sunlight all day long to retain a charge; this will shorten the life of the rechargeable batteries. Make sure that the retailer you purchase your lights from has a return policy just in case you need to return the light. Last year my husband and I purchased a stake solar light that had a butterfly shaped light on top. We charged the light for the recommended amount of time and it did not work, so we tried charging for a longer period of time, but it still would not work. We returned the unit to the home and garden center where we purchased it and they give us a new unit. They told us that once in a while there will be a faulty unit.

The stake solar light is a free standing component that will easily go into the ground. The light itself is on the top of the stake with the solar panel located on top of the light. The batteries on most of these types of lights are located under the solar panel, and some of them have an on/off switch. The on/off switch is used mainly for charging new rechargeable batteries; place the batteries into the unit, turn the switch to the ‘off’ position and let the sun do the charging for at least 24 hours. After charging, turn the switch to the ‘on’ position so the light will come on when it turns dusk. Some solar lights will not have this switch so you need not to worry about the switch being in the correct position for charging. These stake lights can be placed in any part of the garden you choose and the nice part about them is you can move them anytime you want. These lights come as a white light or amber light, and their finished are available in several different metal finishes, plastic, or wood.

Many of the decorative lights, such as strands of hanging lights, are also solar. These are usually hung from eaves around a deck or patio, on a fence surrounding the garden or around a pool. They are also a great idea for party gatherings or an outdoor dinner party. This form of solar lighting usually comes in many different sizes, designs, and styles.

Spotlights are a fun feature for the garden. Now that we can purchase them as solar lights we can display more items due to the fact that we do not have to pay for the electricity to light them. They can be used to highlight anything in the garden you feel is very special. Some people highlight fountains, ponds, trees, and garden statuary. They cast a ray of light, similar to a flood light, but not as large an area.

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